About us

We at His International Services believe that children are created in the image of God. We set our purpose on supporting children and raising them to become Christian leaders.

Cambodia is a developing country which is located in South East Asia. The majority of the population consists of juveniles and children in great need of the gospel. NGO, Hischild was established in 1995 for children who were living their lives as beggars asking alms or girls who often resorted to selling their bodies near the country border. Hischild aims to help children in harsh conditions by giving them hope through rehabilitation, training and support. They are given an opportunity to receive basic education at local schools. Furthermore, Hischild is spreading the gospel by succor, education, and medical treatment for people in poor regions.

Buddhism is the national religion of Cambodia. However during the Khmer Rouge Era many religious leaders were massacred. In 1993, Christian organizations were granted official permission to operate in the country. At present it is estimated that approximately 2% of the population is Christian. Since the establishment of Hischurch in 2002 many have been exposed to Christianity. It is our hope that as they grow in the Christian faith they will in turn share their life-changing experience with family and neighbors.

While preparing in prayer for the ministries that could be established in a country undergoing change, God showed us a vision of establishing a Christian school that provides character-building education for students. We also intend to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. It is essential that we combine practical help and developmental work with evangelism and education to influence Cambodia holistically.

The nation of Cambodia has endured much trauma, pain and suffering during the time of the Khmer Rouge and the ensuing civil conflict. Only the love of Christ can heal this nation’s suffering.  Now is the time for a spiritual harvest in Cambodia.
Our Philosophy
We believe that children are created in the image of God and have dignity, honour and worth from birth, regardless of gender, race, social standing, religion or disability. They are precious and possess tremendous potential which can be guided for the betterment of self, society and the building up of the Kingdom of God.
Our goal is to establish the Kingdom of God in the lives of children through holistic ministry that will lead them to fear God and be disciplined by the Word of God to serve the Lord and society as the disciples of Jesus Christ.
1. To show the love of Christ to children in crisis.
2. To help children by educating and equipping them for serving the Lord
and people in this nation and beyond.
3. To provide residential care, safety and security to homeless children.
4. To support the physical, spiritual and emotional and mental needs of the children in our care.
5. To help them get to know more about Jesus and to be good servants for the Kingdom of God.
6. To make them disciples of Jesus Christ so that they can serve all nations with God’s love.
7. To collaborate with other Christian NGOs, serving the Lord and people more effectively.
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